Stamping without die, template and cliche desk-top digital hot foil printer FoilPrint 106

Your printing numbers are too small?
Tired of making dies?
The client asks for partial varnishing?
Printing with white colour?
Then  digital hot foil stamp FoilPrint 106 is designed specially for You!

Foil Print 106

The printer is designed for stamping on different surfaces and materials as paper, natural and artificial leather, paper vinyl, plastic and organic glass, silk, acryl, PVC films and others. The main requirement is smooth surface.

In many cases, the digital hot foil printer replaces press for hot foil stamping.  More over, the foil printer is able to stamp tiny details and fine lines that cannot be done with a press.

FoilPrint 106 allows using of two printing head types, 57 and 106 mm width. Each head is installed in a special cartridge. The user can replace the cartridge within a few seconds.

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